The Medina Lab taught students at Corl Street School in State College about cnidarians in February, 2019.

Summer 2015

Check out some pictures from our latest outreach activity in Bennet Center, State College.

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Spring 2015

Penn State students taking Mónica’s Biological Oceanography class are posting on-line about a multitude of topics related to marine biology! Some of these are also posted on the Smithsonian No bones website, and you check them out here.

Aki, Bishoy and Ana participated in the “Exploration-U: State College Community STEM Night” outreach event. The event was held at the State College High School on Tuesday March 24th, and it was recorded!

Fall 2014

We recently had an opportunity to work with the kids from Bocas del Toro Island during our Panama 2014 fieldtrip with assistance of Marlon, the STRI outreach coordinator, and the local school.  Children played and learned about natural events and human activities that are beneficial or harmful to the reefs! Children also enjoyed learning about marine fauna with a memory card game!

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Spring 2014

Some thank you cards from our activity in the local school! Third and fourth grade children from the Corl Elementary School enjoyed the activities we had for them. This activity was held during the spring 2014 semester and our lab members participated teaching children about coral reefs.

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