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New paper published!

Our former lab members  Joe and Styles, and Mónica are coauthors in the article entitled “Coral-associated bacteria demonstrate phylosymbiosis and cophylogeny”, which was published last week in Nature Communications. The paper highlights the vast diversity of bacteria and archaeal communities in different coral compartments; and their coevolution with the host in a wide array of species. Visit our publications list for more!



The Traveling Cinema

A new article about Varadero is out! However, this one is not focused on the science we study but something else: “Saving Atlantis”, the documentary about Varadero reef, has been recently featured locally in Colombia. This is the story of that experience and we invite you to check it out

We welcome Dr. Allison Kerwin!

Dr. Allison Kerwin recently joined us in the Medina Lab in a postdoctoral researcher position. Allison got her PhD working under Spencer Nyholm’s lab at the University of Connecticut studying the ANG reproductive system symbiosis in Hawaiian bobtail squid. Allison will be using her expertise in next generation sequencing analysis and microscopy in the Global Coral Microbiome Project (GCMP), and will start her contributions by attending the Dimensions of Biodiversity Data Management Workshop at the University of Florida Informatics Institute next week. We are happy to have her in our team and we look forward to working together!

We were in Exploration U, Bellefonte edition

Our lab members Sofia and Ana joined fellow grad student Kathryn Stankiewicz in an outreach activity the group designed this fall called “Tangled up in the food web”.

This activity aims to teach children how organisms interact in a toy marine trophic pyramid over a succession of beneficial and/or detrimental situations. The group was among several other groups from Penn State University that were hosted by the Exploration U 2017, Bellefonte edition. Lots of families and children joined us!!  Pictures are courtesy of Allison M. Lewis.