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The Heroic Reef documentary (El arrecife Heroico)

We are currently working on a very special reef in Cartagena, Colombia known as “Varadero reef”. This reef is special due to its amazing coral cover despite the environmental conditions around it for the past few hundred years. Unfortunately, this reef is within the optimal route of a new canal dredging project and may be lost. We are working in collaboration with the Vega Thurber Lab in Oregon State University, and local Colombian scientists from academia and NGOs to learn more about this reef. Our partners in OSU have recently released a short documentary about this reef that we recommend. We are calling this, The Heroic Reef.


Estamos trabajando en un arrecife de coral muy especial en Cartagena, Colombia cuyo nombre es “Varadero”. Este arrecife es especial dada su magnífica cobertura coralina a pesar de las condiciones ambientales que sufrido desde hace ya varios siglos. Desafortunadamente, este arrecife está ubicado en medio de la ruta óptima planeada para la expansión del Canal del Dique y tememos perderlo en la construcción. Asi que estamos trabajando en colaboración con el laboratorio Vega Thurber de la Universidad del Estado de Oregon (OSU), científicos colombianos y ONGs para aprender más acerca de este arrecife. Recientemente nuestros compañeros de OSU han publicado un documental y los invitamos a verlo con subtítulos en español aqui: El arrecife heroico.

Mónica’s interview at Universidad Javeriana

Mónica visited our collaborators in Colombia and was interviewed at the Universidad Javeriana. She had an opportunity to advocate for the value of reef biology studies and the particular case of Varadero Reef in Cartagena. You can listen to her interview in Spanish here.

In additon, if you are interested in learning more about Varadero you can read about it on a Wikipedia page our undegrad Alaina started putting together for English audiences.

The Medina Lab is in ICRS

Joe will be presenting a talk entitled “The coral microbiome across species, space and time”. View it online here.

And, Carlos will be presenting two talks:

“Empty niches after extinctions increase populations sizes of modern corals”. The abstract and details are here.

“Thermotolerance and photoacclimation in Symbiodinium: physiological and transcriptomic approach over a temporal scale”. The abstract and details are here.