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On January 25, 2016 Mónica visited Mateo López, a fellow Colombian scientist affiliated to Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. The meeting had the purpose of sharing opinions on coral reef studies, particularly in Varadero Reef in Cartagena, Colombia. You can find the link to her interview (in Spanish) here.


Undergraduate presents at science fair

Congratulations Khushboo for presenting at the Science Undergraduate Poster Exhibition! The event was hosted yesterday evening at the Willaman Gateway to the Sciences. Undegrads from disciplines like astronomy, forensics and biology presented their work. Khushboo in particular presented her work on the Cassiopea life cycle. IMG_3167

Fall 2015 started!

Fall 2015 started and we are back to business! We anticipate lots of projects, seminars and activities this semester! Also, some people left and others joined our lab, so keep an eye on the members page to learn more about our group.