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Welcome Joe Pollock!

We are excited to welcome Joe Pollock as the Medina Lab’s newest postdoctoral researcher. Joe joins us from James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science where his PhD dissertation focused on the microbiology, genetics, histopathology and ecology of coral diseases. At Penn State, Joe will expand this work to explore important themes in coral microbiome coevolution.

The lab is growing!

Welcome Victoria Wu and Gabrielle Swain! Victoria and Gabrielle are undergrad students and will be working on different aspects of Symbiodinium spp including physiology and plasticity. Check our members page to learn more about them and other members of our lab!

Back from the field

Our team is back in the US from the field! This field season was very productive and we got a great deal of projects accomplished! Thank you all that participated in our numerous projects!! We had a heavily collaborative team including Nancy Knowlton and Don Levitan with their teams, and grad students Tomás López from the Iglesias-Prieto lab, and Ryan Guillemete from the Azam lab. Finally, since we had promised pictures we are posting a few!

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Fall 2014 started!

We start our Fall 2014 semester with a fieldtrip to Panama. We will be working in collaboration with Nancy Knowlton and Don Levitan at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute – Bocas del Toro station. We will be collecting coral fragments, coral spawn, making coral larvae and using them for experiments. We are hoping Orbicella spp corals will be kind to us and provide us with plenty of material for our research! Pictures will be posted later!

Summer 2014 news


We would like to welcome our new lab member, Carlos Prada! He joins our team as a postdoc starting this summer. He will be working on ecological genomics in Orbicella spp. Some of us in town gave him a short tour downtown, from left to right: Aki, Carlos, Bishoy, and Ana.

Aki is currently in Key Largo, Florida with Bill Fitt (University of Georgia), conducting experiments to identify settlement-inducing bacteria involved in the life cycle of Cassiopea spp. He is also hunting for the elusive Cassiopea frondosa, and wild C. xamachana scyphistomae. Aki will also be heading to the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience (University of Florida) to work with Mark Martindale and learn fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) so that we can develop the technique to be used in the Cassiopea system.

To the other lab members good luck writing dissertations, preparing our next field trip experiments, and enjoying the summer!