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Conference in Cambria

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The lab traveled to Cambria, CA for the West Coast Developmental Conference hosted by the Society of Developmental Biology.  As the head speaker of the Evolution and Development session, Monica Medina presented “Elucidating evolutionary origins of metazoan biomineralization“. She was accompanied by graduate student Aki Ohdera, who presented a posted titled “Preliminary characteristics of the biofilm community implicated in settlement and metamorphosis of the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopeia xamachana”. Four undergraduates also presented posters. Pang Kuo worked with Bishoy Hanna to present “Tissue specific gene expression of biominerlization proteins in Biomphalaria glabrata ” that won the award for the best undergraduate research poster.  Kristen Valentine, Myriam Zavalza and Sioban Kelly worked with Erika Diaz to present two posters. Kristen presented “Montastraea faveolata fitness during the onset of symbiosis”. While Myriam and Sioban presented “Differential Development of Cassiopeia xamachana upon infection with multiple Symbiodinium species”.